Come Try Your Hand At Team Handball!

You don’t have to be in Europe to play Team Handball anymore! This powerhouse sport is exploding in the U.S. and CSS will be part of the action this spring! The inaugural league will be at Krumm Park rink every Sunday afternoon for the spring season with game times at 2, 3, 4, and 5pm. This will be a recreational adult team handball league that offers participants the opportunity to play the sport of team handball competitively in a fun and encouraging environment. Whether you are a free agent looking for a team, or a captain already in charge of a squad, we invite you to join the ONLY outdoor team handball league in Columbus with CSS! Our leagues provide a fun yet competitive environment to show off your team handball skills so make your way over and register soon! Connect with other players or teams to form a full roster by using our Facebook group at…

    General Information

    • CSS happily welcomes all Free Agents, and we will do our best to place everyone with a team that best fits their individual needs. In the event that we are unable to pair an individual with a team, we will refund you the entire amount of your payment
    • Team rosters/waivers must be submitted before the start of the regular season
    • CSS recommends at least a 6 player roster for each team
    • Regarding weather cancellations, one week is built into the end of each season and all players will be notified via email if games are cancelled.

      What Does Registration Include?

      • Paid and fully trained referees
      • Prizes for league champions
      • Equipment (balls, nets, scoreboard, first aid, etc.)
      • 7 weeks of regular season play (no games on May 30th or July 4th)
      • 1-2 week of playoffs

      Additional League Details:

      Online registration, signed waiver, and payment must be received before you will be placed on a team. This is an open league. The league will be capped at the first eight (8) teams that have registered and paid in full. Double headers will be necessary if an odd number of teams are registered.

      Age: This is an adult league; each player must be at least 18 years old to play.

      Cost: Individual league fee is $40. This will cover seven (7) regular season games, 1-2 weeks for playoffs, refereeing, score-keeping, and general organization of the league. Individuals must pay in full prior to being added to a team. Your fee will be returned if you cannot be placed on a team or if the league does not end up being scheduled.

      Jerseys: Individuals must provide their own jersey and must match in color with the team they are placed on.

      Roster: A minimum of five (5) players and one (1) goalie are able to be on the roster. No skater can be on the roster of multiple teams. A team found to be playing with players not on their roster will be removed from the league. Goalies may be permitted to sub on other teams as needed.


      All CSS leagues are 50% Social and 50% Sport. We expect individuals to respect the league culture of fair and fun play. Foul language and rough play will not be tolerated and individuals who cannot adhere to our standards of fair play and sportsmanship may be asked to leave the league. CSS wants everyone to have fun and be social while playing in the league.



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